Off-grid solar Power Plant

Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

There is no requirement of grid connection for off grid these systems are suitable for remote areas. In day time ,electricity produced by solar systems can be fed to households and in night hours stored electricity can be used from the battery bank that were being charged in day time simultaneously while producing light.

If you are having already a power backup generator, hybrid installation is also possible where you will be using your backup generator in absence of solar light that is mostly in night hours.


System specification for Off-grid solar power Plants

Description Specifications
Model no. CP-1KWp CP-2KWp CP-3KWp CP-5KWp CP-10KWp CP-15KWp
Solar panel 1000Wp 2000Wp 3000Wp 5000Wp 7500Wp 10000Wp 15000Wp
Solar Battery 24V-150Ah 24V-200Ah 48V-200Ah 96V-150Ah 120V-150Ah 180V-150Ah 240V-150Ah
Solar Inverter 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA 5KVA 7.5KVA 10KVA 15KVA
Mounting Structure GI Mounting Structure With SS Nut Bolt
Times New Roman 4/10 m2 4/10 m2 4/10 m2 4/16 m2 4/16 m2 4/16 m2 4/16 m2
MC4 connector Normal;Y-pin;MC4 -5 in 1 out etc
Thimble, anchor fastener,etc As per site requirement
Design installation and testing As per site requirement
Equipments to run Light, fan ,TV etc Light, fan ,TV ,Refrigerator,submersiblepump,etc Light, fan ,TV ,Refrigerator,submersiblepump,AC,etc
Running hours per day(80% load of the system 4-6 hrs