About RCV Powertech Private Limited

The solar PV Power generation system supplied by RCV Powertech is a high efficient, modular, extendable and cost effective power generation solution. The system is designed to International Standards to ensure that you have years of trouble-free operations. As a result of proven technology, the system is highly efficient and maintenance free. With one-time investment, the Solar Power Pack provides the prudent way of managing the energy costs in an eco-friendly way. The savings made on energy costs will help the companies to directly benefit and contributing to their growth. The List of major components used in this system are listed below.

Solar PV Modules: The sun light (solar radiation) falling on the modules is converted in to DC energy by photovoltaic principle. The generated by solar modules can either be used to supply the power to the connected load or to charge the battery bank.

PV Inverter (PCU): PCU is a common terminology used to the system consisting of Inverter and AC synchronization functionality. PCU does the function of controlling grid power by leading PF and prefer the solar energy to the load. The system also contains the Charge Controller as part of the same system or as an independent unit.

RCV Powertech Pvt. Ltd. offers complete services for installation of green and energy efficient solutions from scratch to finish which entails the following activities:-

Feasibility study

Site Identification

Project Planning

Technology Selection

Processing of necessary approvals

System Designing

Testing & Grid Connection

Operation & Maintenance